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These Limited Edition "Blessed Nation" necklaces you won't find in stores!
5 Stare Reviews from customer who bought this necklace
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(Printed, Made, And Shipped From The USA)

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Customer Reviews

Albert Grant


Most Deluxe!!

Lisa herrlinger


very unique gift!  Love it and am very happy I red red it!  Thanks!

Sandra Henaghan


the necklace arrived in yesterday's mail and i'm VERY happy with it. in fact i'm wearing it now.  the chain is just the right length to slip over my head, because due to neuropathy and carpal tunnel in both hands i have difficulty working that tiny clasp.


i'm very pleased i ordered it and intend to wear it a lot.

Rebecca D.


Overall, very beautiful piece and worth the price paid.  It would have been just a bit nicer if the enamel colored overlay was just the center and the words were engraved into the metal.

Anna Ford


very nice in fact great. every thing looked as was seen .