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To My Son - Love Dad - Special Edition Pendant Gift from DAD to SON

Looking for the perfect christmas gift for your Son? Surprise him with this necklace he will keep forever! Get Yours Now - he's worth it!
Necklace reads: "To My Son; As God loved his only begotten son, I will love, protect & encourage you.  Love Dad"
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Customer Reviews

Gilbert R Uriegas


Seeing the medal every Dad should consider buying one for their son's.

Catherine Hunter


I love it, my son picked it out for my Grandson for Christmas. I know it will be one of his treasured possessions. 

Mary Roxann Grider


Boyfriend crued when he seen them bought for his Sons he dod not lnpw

Randy Knight


Very pleased with the item that I purchased. I'm sure my son will be happy with it 

Joseph Dunham


Great item for someone special

James Pixley


This is a nicely-done piece.  I expected it to be a bit larger, but that's fine.  I think that my son will like this gift, and I am going to ask him to wear it at least one day every week.  The 'finish' looks good, and the 'coating' should protect it well.  Also, a decent chain for the price.