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Rubber Stamper Nutrition Facts Mug


Makes a GREAT gift for you or your downline!

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Customer Reviews

Patti McDermott


Cups arrived very well packed as expected.

Maria Pobre


I can't actually give you any feedback on whether it is "close to the preview image" yet because I had to have it shipped to a relative for them to send on to me since you don't seem to ship to Guam, USA. I'm not sure when I will actually have them in my possession. I can keep the email with this link and give you feedback on appearance at that time, but it may not be until November. :(

As far as delivery time to my relative... Very fast! I was impressed! But I was surprised that they weren't in an actual box that he could just label and forward on to me.

Regarding the updates... I was updated with a tracking number but the tracking number didn't work on my end. My relative received the order while the tracking was showing that the order was still being processed. :(

Donna Bagwell


My Rubber Stamper Nutrition Facts Coffee Mug is just as pictured.  The mug itself is heavy and holds the regular serving of coffee.  I am pleased with my purchase.    However, I wish the printing on the  mug was a little bit larger.

Lynn Starzl


Love anything with rubber stamping!  Easy to complete the order process and shipping was fast!

Tonya Denton


I really love the Rubber Stamper Mug Coffee Mug. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best), I'd give it a 4.5. Only due to the fact that on one cup (I ordered 2), the top of the handle had a rough spot. It wasn't as shiny . . . the paint seemed a bit of a matte instead of glossy like the rest of the cup. BUT it's not noticeable but when I pick up the cup like I'm going to drink from it, I can feel it the roughness under my thumb. I'm going to gift it out and keep the other one as I had planned on doing. I give the packaging a 5! No way your cup is going to end up at your home broken! I love my cup!!!! :)

Prefer Not To Say


I thought the mugs were adorable.  They're going to be some one-of-a-kind gifts for a very few choice stampin' friends.