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Protected By a Veteran - Bracelet

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- Made from 100% hand polished 1100 Pure Aluminum. It will never fade, tarnish or rust. It does not leave green marks on your skin like other metals.

- Easy to maintain. It can be hand polished to brand new with a normal cloth.

- 100% sourced, stamped, and shipped from the USA. (we ship worldwide)

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Customer Reviews

Jeffrey Lanning


My lady loves it.  A tad small for her bit manageable. 

Phillip Bradley Byley


My wife loves this bracelet. It is very nice and I would definitely order it again. My only issue is that the black dye or ink inside the lettering is coming off and leaving only the engraved text. It will be fine when all of the black is gone, as you can still read the inscription, it just doesn't stand out as much. Even so, I love to see this bracelet on her beautiful wrist. 



I absolutely love my bracelet! I was a bit skeptical before I received it, but nothing to worry about. I received in about 4 days. Great product and thank your Gearbubble for coming up with this idea. 

John Lopez


This is a nice and beautiful piece of art. Excellent build and fast shipping. Great job to y'all. 

Rae Beam


Jerome E Kirscher


i thought it was very rough looking and rather small of course you blow it up to show detail this will be a challenge to fit the person i bought it for its almost if you expect a child but non the less i get it metal work, advertising, shipping, profit margin, i think it could of been better finished for the price you charge ill be taking it to a jeweler (at my expense to make it right