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 Surprise Your Granddaughter with this beautiful Necklace and melt her heart!
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Customer Reviews

Barbara Beavers


This is one of 3 that I purchased one for daughter and 2 for granddaughter they were all bought for Christmas gifts and I will not be able to give a review I just know everyone said they were beautiful.  

Jane Rema


I recently bought a beautiful necklace from Gearbubble for my granddaughter. I fell in love with the necklace when I saw a picture of it online, because I knew that the words on the necklace were just what my granddaughter would want to hear from her Grandma Rose. (her other grandma)

You see, my granddaughters Mom passed away when she was still a toddler and her Grandma Rose (along with her Dad) raised her and her brother and sister. Her Grandma Rose was a Mom to them as well as a Grandma. She and my granddaughter were very close. But then her Grandma Rose passed away too. Much sorrow... She is greatly missed, but the words on the necklace are just exactly what her Grandma Rose would say to her, and that is a comfort to her now.

You can copy & paste this link into your browser and go there to see the necklace and read the words:

My Granddaughter loves the necklace and we both thank Gearbubble for making it available. We were able to track the progress of the necklace through email notifications, after it was sent, and it was delivered to her quickly. We are both very pleased with it and with the service that Gearbubble provided for us. I would advise anyone that they are a very reputable company and to have no hesitation about dealing with them.

Thank you Gearbubble, for a wonderful product and easy to find support info throughout the timely delivery of it to my granddaughter!

Kathy Keenmon


Saw this necklace and had to have for my granddaughter. It's lovely.

Juanita black


I am very happy with this necklace . Its beautiful an I love the verse on it. My granddaughter will love it too.

Marilyn Attard


A very sweet pendant. I'm sure my grand daughter is going to love it

Stella Barker